Product Catagory
Etching Gel & Etching Liquid

Syringe of 3ml & 5 application needles


25ml syringe, 25 application needles; 1 contactor & 3ml empty syringe.


2 x 25ml syringe, 50 application needles; 1 contactor &
2 x 3ml empty syringe.


15ml Bottle

  • Enamel etchant.
  • Silica free.
  • In soft gel or thick liquid.
  • 37% Orthophosphoric acid.
Product information:

Prime Dental Products offers etchants in two consistencies, soft gel and thick liquid. The formulation is based on 37% phosphoric acid indicated for composite restorations, indirect restoration like composite or metal free ceramics along with recommended adhesive cement and bonding orthodontic brackets. It is stable formulation that does not dry or thicken over storage. Also the etchants are developed silica free since left over silica particles are known to be detrimental for bonding.

Download - Factsheet - Etching Gel
Download - Factsheet - Etching Liquid
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