About Us
Company overview:

Prime Dental Products Pvt Ltd is a Manufacturer & Importer of Medical Devices. It was established in 1987 by Mr Bharat Thakkar & Dr Paresh Thakkar as a dental trading concern.

Today we are one of the leading dental manufacturers in India with 20,000 sq. ft., State of the art, ISO 13485:2016 Certified, Manufacturing facility located at Western India's most premium industrial zone MIDC, Wagle Estate.

We serve the dental community in length & breadth of India with the widest dealer network. We also offer our manufactured dental line internationally through our overseas trade partners.

Prime Dental wants to serve the dental fraternity with even more commitment with the next generation Mr Tanay Thakkar & Mr Jay Thakkar joining in.

Dental Materials - 'Make in India' initiative

We are committed to serve the dental community offering globally acceptable quality products at competitive prices and timely delivery.

Our product range includes;

  • Endodontic materials: RC Help (EDTA Gel), RC Cal (Calcium hydroxide in ready to use paste form for temporary RC filling), RC Seal (Epoxy Bonded RC Sealant).
  • Prosthodontic materials: Prime Chrome (Chromatic alginate impression material), Retra Gel (Retraction Gel) & the foremost manufacturer of Addition silicone impression material (Ad-Sil Acura).
  • Conservative materials : Restorite Etching Gel (37% orthophosphoric acid gel), TMP-RS (Ready to use temporary filling putty material), Dent Wash (Liquid EDTA).
  • Finishing materials: Aster prophy (pumice based prophylaxis paste) and Aster Compo (Alumina based composite polishing paste).
  • Composites: Restorite range of Composites offers fast in class physical properties viz. Bulk Fill, Flow Viscous, Pit & Fissure Sealant, Micro Hybrid Composite, Nano Hybrid, Core Build-up, Restorite Bond 5G (Total etch), Restorite Bond 7G (Self etch).
Import & Distribution:

Since 1991, Prime Dental is representing many renowned international brands in India.

Dental Equipment:
Since 2007, We are dealing in the finest quality of fully programmable electrical Dental chairs & heavy/light Suctions. We have various models of diverse range to cater all your requirements. We specialize in new clinic setup & up-gradation with robust after-sale service.
OBL Products:
  • Prime Products: Prime X-Ray Film (Speed F, Speed E, Pedo Speed E), Prime Cord (Knitted Retraction cord), Prime GP Points & Prime Paper Points, Prime Disposables (Gloves, Face Mask, Saliva Ejectors).
  • Allure: Hand pieces, Endo-motor, Light cure unit and other equipment.
  • Ace: Endodontic Hand & Rotary Instruments, Diamond Burs & Carbide Burs.


Bitein Awards 2011
Corporate Entrepreneur
IDA Foundation - Sushruta Award 2015
"Make in India" Best Dental Manufacturer